I'm Kori.

I’m not *just* your future copywriter. I’m also a girl doing her best to juggle a fierce entrepreneurial drive with the desire to live a soft and easy life. My bi-weekly newsletter, The Business Casual Chronicles, is a sales-free source of connection, inspiration, and musings as I figure out how to build a hustle-free business.

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A few more things you might want to know...

I have over 5 years of SEO, copywriting, & ad writing experience that I bring with me to every project.

In college I aspired to be a playwright, giving me a mastery of character study and storytelling that comes in handy when positioning your audience as the main character of your brand story.

I’ve helped my clients collectively secure $1,000,000+ in revenue between launches, sales, and marketing campaigns.

I’ve been accused of witchcraft more than once for my ability to turn ideas into words that inspire action.

I’m a Manifesting Generator with a useful talent for uncovering and locking onto what makes a brand truly unique.

I’m a thrift shopper, oddities collector, friend to the spiders and rats, proud reality TV connoisseur, and unashamed theater kid turned marketing maven whose brain is overflowing with ideas for my clients businesses 24/7 (literally writing taglines in my sleep).

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I help brands with edge stand out online with websites that attract, sales pages that convert, and launch copy that sells so you don't have to.

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“I keep coming back to Kori time and time again because she's the GOAT. Not only has she become a friend but she's an amazing asset on my team that I know I can trust 100% with my business and she always delivers results. You're literally saying I don't like making money if you question working with her. Kori is the best of the best. From onboarding to editing copy it's seamless. She gets it from the start and doesn't need a million revisions to get it right. Sometimes I just don't have the words to explain what I want and she pulls them from me and brings them to life.”

Anna W.

“After having previously collaborated on Kori's branding and website, I already knew that she’d get me and the vision for Bitemark. So when I was ready for my full 360 brand makeover, turning to Kori for a fully fleshed suit of website copy was a no-brainer. And I would make the same decision without hesitation, again and again. In fact, I already have. Her work is that good. Unless you (for some weird reason) don’t like personality-packed, money-making, non-bland copy from a passionate person with backbone, Kori is the woman for your copywriting needs!”

Martha O.

“Kori pretty much took everything I said into consideration and spoke the words I had trouble conveying. I have worked with so many copywriters that just didn't get it. But, once I found Kori, I booked her immediately. The way she writes is real, compelling, and most of all ‘serving while selling’. It's everything I could've ever wanted. She's a copy alchemist.”

Alora R.

“Kori has been a JOY to work with. I can't tell you how many times I reviewed drafts of her copywriting and had tears in my eyes because of how perfectly those words described my business in ways I couldn't do myself. But, beyond that, I see Kori showing professionalism and continuous growth, which is essential when looking for relationships that can support you over a long period. I'll continue returning to Kori and shouting praises because of how easy our working relationship was and how much I love the final result!”

Brooke S.

“Fantastic, Truly. You took every idea and comment I had with such grace and adapted to it. It was unlike anything I had seen or heard in the online space as a whole, but especially for brand designers. It was also so authentic I felt like I had personally never been described better. My passions, dreams, and mission had never been put into such a beautiful verbiage that resonated so deeply with my being.”

Celeste D.

“Working with Kori was a freaking dream! She was personable, intentional and professional af. From start to finish, I know what to expect and I had full trust in your creative abilities. She listened to me, stepped into my shoes and created website copy that not only is strategic, but copy that sounds like ME. All in all, I was so impressed by Kori and am grateful for her helping hand in the creation of my agency. Thank you Kori! You're the real f***ing deal.”

Demri A.

My words in action

Client photo of Melo Creative

Founded by a celebrity esthetician with 25+ years practice on Hollywood's favorite faces, Olga Lorencin Skincare is a science-backed skincare brand that values efficacy over everything. In the middle of a brand refresh and a major marketing push, Olga and her team worked with me to rewrite her product descriptions and freshen up her professional bio.

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Client photo of Becca Luna

An icon in the online space, Becca Luna teaches aspiring web designers to become booked out with high-paying dream clients. Working through a massive rebrand, Becca brought me on to write her website and sales pages for her 5 signature offers. This rebrand and copy update resulted in her best Black Friday sale of all time and a seven-figure year.

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Client photo of Flynanced

Flynanced founder Cinneah El-Amin is leading the charge of rich, hot 9-5 baddies. Though her brand was on the up-and-up before her rebrand and website copy update, crafting rock-solid, instantly recognizable brand messaging has helped her confidently carve out her space in the financial fluency field.

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