March 11, 2024

My Dream Client Bucket List

My Dream Client Bucket List

As a conversion copywriter who works with creative entrepreneurs, I’ve been lucky to work with a broad range of clients and companies across industries. Here are a few of my favorites:

Becca Luna Education

Praize Studio

Fluent University

Olga Lorencin Skincare


Bitemark Studio

Max & Ro Hair Co.

As you can see, I’ve never really drawn the line between B2B or B2C. I’ve written a lot of websites (I would even go so far as to call personality-packed, welcoming and persuasive website copy my bread and butter), but I have a diverse skill set across copywriting and content marketing. In fact, my one deciding factor about whether or not a client is “right” for me is whether or not they are a cool person doing cool things. 

The ability to work with a broad range of people and businesses is my favorite thing about my business. That having been said, I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching this year, trying to lock down which types of projects and businesses really light me up. 

During that search, I’ve realized that lifestyle businesses really have my heart. So, let’s talk about a few lifestyle businesses that I’d love to partner with in the near future.

My Dream Lifestyle Brand Clients

If your business falls into one of these categories and you find yourself needing copywriting, brand messaging strategy, or content marketing support, please get in touch with me! I’ll be completely straight with you right now–if you are one of these dream clients, I’m willing to bend on pricing in order to work with you. So, reach out and let’s make something work within your budget. One of the benefits of me being a lean team is that I have the flexibility to support brands with big plans and smaller than usual budgets.

All that is to say, if this is you then I want to help you grow your brand using your messaging:

  • A cannabis brand
  • A perfumery, perfume brand, or perfume branch of an existing cosmetics brand
  • A spirit-free beverage brand
  •  A health food store
  • A bakery
  • A zillennial-focused skincare or sun care brand
  • A swimwear brand
  • A sex shop or sex toy brand
  • An energy drink brand
  • A wine brand or wine shop
  • A size-inclusive clothing brand or boutique

I also have a few “white whale” clients that I’m going to name specifically. I’m not afraid to admit that I’d do just about anything to add these brands to my client roster:

Ghia – not only is Ghia a staple in my household, it’s also one of my favorite brands on the planet. From their visual design to their Los Angeles office space, I’m obsessed.

Edie Parker – I’ve been dreaming of working with a cannabis brand for a while, even going so far as to build my own made-up cannabis brand (Lofty, watch me make some taglines for it here!) When it comes to dream cannabis collaboration, Edie Parker is IT for me. I love their products and their style.

Olipop – I openly fangirl about Olipop’s digital marketing strategy. I think that they’re a masterclass in building a brand in a competitive market and nailing it at every turn. 

Everyday Humans – they sell my favorite sunscreen ever and I love everything about their brand. I would slay their content and copywriting.

My Copy and Content Writing Capabilities

If you’re one of the brands listed above and you’re already brainstorming ways that we can work together, let’s talk! I’m always down for creative collaborations and projects that don’t necessarily fit into my “standard” services. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to get a custom quote for something that you don’t see listed below.

That said, here are a few of my favorite ways to support my clients:

  • SEO website copy
  • Brand messaging & tone of voice strategy
  • Email marketing & funnel building
  • SEO product descriptions
  • Blog strategy & writing
  • Sales & launch copywriting

If your brand is on my dream client bucket list and you’re in need of some copywriting, brand messaging, and content writing support, click here to get in touch with me directly or click here to download my pricing and services guide. And if your brand isn’t on the list above but you fall into the “cool people doing cool things” category, I want to hear from you as well! I’m here to support all types of ambitious creative entrepreneurs.

By the way, I'm Kori.

Serving six and seven-figure creatives, coaches, and designers, it’s my job to help my clients generate connections and cash in equal parts through their website, emails, and sales copy.

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