The Market Research Vault


All the tools you need to collect, understand, and implement valuable data, straight from the mouths of your dream clients. The Market Research Vault not only serves as the ultimate market research database for your brand, but it provides you with the exact questions to ask to get the information you need to write data-backed copy for your business.

What's included

The Market Research Vault is a Notion portal designed to help you store, organize, and easily comb through all of the market research that you perform for your business. In addition to this database, it includes:

• A four-part masterclass on developing, performing, and applying market research.
• A masterlist of 70+ questions, broken down into specific, goal-oriented categories.
• Email swipe files for asking your audience for market research.

Who is this for?

Brand and website designers, online service providers, copywriters, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want to hire the power of audience data to make informed, strategic decisions for their business.

Why do I need this?

If you feel like your messaging, offers, and ideas don’t quite resonate with your audience the way that they should, it’s time to implement regular market research into your business. The Market Research flattens the learning curve completely.

You know, in theory, that you “should” be doing market research. But do you really know WTF it is??? And how to do it in a way that’s not a total waste of time and resources? 

Don’t worry, they don’t teach this in their “how to start a business” masterclasses, but they should. Because the truth about market research is…

It's the backbone of conversion copywriting.

It’s the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of your growing audience, staying in contact with them and in-touch with their opinions, feedback, and desires.

It’s a secret weapon for developing offers that sell out in an instant (yep, this is what everyone else is doing that you’re not).

It’s the easiest way to write copy and content that personally impacts your audience.

…and The Market Research Vault walks you through every single step of the market research process–from planning, to figuring out which questions to ask, to understanding how to synthesize and implement the data you’ve collected.

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