Mind Reading 101


The best way to truly capture the voice of your audience is to… steal the words right out of their mouths. The Mind Reading 101 masterclass teaches you exactly what to look for and use when you’re mining your customer reviews for precious copy nuggets.

What's included

Mind Reading 101 includes a 30-minute masterclass on capturing, understanding, and applying valuable voice of customer data. Plus, a database to store and organize the data you collect.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for an easier, better way to write copy and content that connects with their customers.

Why do I need this?

If you’re looking to learn a valuable, easily executed research skill that will instantly improve your content and copywriting… you need Mind Reading 101.

Master the skill that all copywriters keep in their back pockets to write content and copy that has readers thinking… “OMG! It’s like they read my mind…”

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