Sold-Out Sales Page Template


The Sold Out Sales Page template is a fill-in-the-blank sales page template that walks you through writing a sales page that is emotionally and logically compelling to your audience. It’s the framework that I’ve used to write five and six-figure sales pages for my clients, complete with real-world examples and easy-to-understand prompts.

PLUS! The Sold Out Sales Page template, and everything provided inside the Notion portal, is licensed for all personal and internal business usages, making it the ultimate resource to help you AND your clients DIY your copy:

• Writing your own sales copy.
• Writing sales copy for your clients.
• Providing as a resource to your clients to help them write their own sales copy.

What's included

The heart of Sold Out Sales Page is a comprehensive, fill-in-the-blank sales page template that makes writing your sales copy as simple as plugging in your info, customizing to your brand voice, and hitting publish. In order to make it as easy as possible, this resource is partnered with:

• An easy-to-navigate Notion portal
• An Offer Blueprint Workbook
• Sales page outline & info cheat sheets
• Four exclusive video trainings
• OPTIONAL: tools to personalize & update the resource for internal business uses

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who want a surefire, successful way to write about their offers. Brand designers, coaches, and creative business owners who want to provide their clients with a comprehensive tool for writing their own sales copy.

The beauty of Sold Out Sales Page (beyond the sexy template itself) is its versatility–investing in this template is investing in your AND your clients’ success.

Why do I need this?

Because you have offers that deserve to connect with their target market, and so do your clients.

Strategic, targeted conversion copy makes your offer an easy “hell yes!” for your audience. 

That’s why I’m giving you the exact framework that I’ve replicated time and again to help my clients have…

Easy five and six-figure launches

Sold out group programs

Seven-figure years

Their highest grossing sales of all time

It’s an invaluable tool in my business (one that has personally earned me well over $300k), and a card that I’ve held close to my chest for over three years. Now, you (and your clients) can plug and play your way to strategic sales copy that sells out your offers.

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