Website Copy Template

$750 (Personal Use), $950 (Personal + White Label Use)

Take control of your online presence with this completely customizable Fill-in-the-blank Website Copy Template. Effortlessly craft captivating website copy, regardless of your level of writing experience, with prompts, examples, and plug-and-play sections to make writing your website the easiest it will ever be.

WEBSITE COPY TEMPLATE FOR INDIVIDUAL USE: If you intend to only use the fill-in-the-blank website copy template to write, update, and maintain your own website copy, select the “individual use” option when adding to cart.

WHITE LABELED WEBSITE COPY TEMPLATE: Designers, this one’s for you. Hand my WHITE LABEL fill-in-the-blank Website Copy Template off to your clients to help them write their own high-conversion website copy without the back-and-forth headache (and eventually ending up rewriting half the copy yourself). And yes, you’re allowed to use the template for yourself, too.

What's included

The Fill-in-the-blank Website Copy Template has everything you need to write your own website, without the headache:

  • Fill-in-the-blank templates for your home, about, services, and contact pages.
  • Real-world examples to reference while writing.
  • Brand messaging strategy questionnaire.
  • Designer’s toolkit to house your branding, photos, freebies, login details, and more.
  • SEO fundamentals masterclass, to help your business gain organic search traffic.

Who is this for?

This complete website copy template was built as an all-inclusive web copywriting resource for online service providers, brand and web designers, educators and coaches, and all digital creatives who want to make writing their own website a breeze.

Why do I need this?

You’ve been staring at a blank page for MONTHS trying to pull out a first draft of your website copy, wishing you could hire someone to do it for you (but that’s just not in the budget at the moment).. You can’t decide on what to include (and what to leave out). You can’t get over the “it needs to be perfect” mindset. You can’t figure out how to make sales through your words without sounding like a used car salesman. I made these templates for you.

(and for the brand & web designer who can’t get decent DIY website copy from their clients, no matter how much you plead, pray, and offer the exchange of your firstborn for something worth adding to your designs)

In my career as a copywriter, I’ve written 94 websites (and counting!) that have helped my clients book their dream projects, secure the first spot on Google, sell five and six-figures, and build lifelong relationships with their soulmate clients.

This website copywriting template hands you thousands of hours of writing, years of real-world applications, and the collective success of my clients… all in a simple, effective, easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank template.

Built specifically with online service providers and digital creatives in mind.

Filled with real examples from real clients.

Make “sales in your sleep” (no, really) with a website that acts as your top salesperson, 24/7

Designed to feel like an easy conversation between you and your dream clients

Writing website copy is hard. For everyone but you, that is.

Because you've just found your secret weapon.

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